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This site is about of new thoughts and practices for transforming our lifes. Some of them may seem familiar, and hopefully you are already implementing them in your daily activities. But, some of them may be controversial and not widely accepted.

There is none among us, humans, living in the beginning of 21 century, who didn’t think about the chalenges – and sometimes the horor – of our world. We are bussy making a living for our selves and our families, we want to have good life and we certainly deserve it. But, are we going in the right direction?

You are asking questions, and you want to find answers. What is all this around me? Who am I? Does my life have a purpose? Will I be successful in creating happiness and affluence? How to play the call, when life bids more?


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  • Walk a few times through a labyrinth that you have built yourself, or participate in a ritual walking with a group of companions, and all questions about “why and how it works” will disappear the same way the darkness of the night disappears the moment the Sun appears in the east.–Labyrinths and their secrets

  • The world is beautiful, and life is a gift from heaven. Enjoy it. Live it fully.–Blissful Tweets

  • Because he knew that, apart from the dolphins, other intelligent creatures were their brothers, the whales, as well as the creatures living on land – their brothers, the humans, and creatures similar to them.–Dolphin's Dream

  • Harobour is fine. But ships are made for sailing!–Blissful Tweets

  • If Love is a state, you cannot achieve it. There is a lot to "achieve", but not Love! Love can be only received as a gift.–Blissful Tweets

  • You may have fingers, claws or paws. It does not matter. We breathe the same air and drink the same water of life. You are my brother.–Dolphin's Dream

  • The dawn is coming only if you are awake. The beauty of the world around you is not accessible if you are asleep. And the main cause of sleepiness is being overwhelmed with worries and problems.–One Mother One World

  • What is the use of talking about mystical experiences, energy bodies and other dimensions, if we are blind to such things like a sight of an old and ill woman or a suffering animal? When we learn to see those things, I know that all worlds will open. The gates of the astral world and other worlds will open. Human being will stretch over the whole universe and life itself. –One Mother One World

  • To put it simple, Synchrolab Techniques can give you answers to life’s questions, especially when you are making certain decisions and you are in need of a good advice. –Synchrolab

  • Being powerful does not only mean you have access to great energy; it means you have access to vast amounts of intelligence.–Labyrinths and their secrets

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