An Angel in Disguise

a story about the spiritual power of handicaped children
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An ordinary day, just like any other. An ordinary hospital and what looks like an ordinary childbirth. A beautiful boy who hid a secret in his eyes was born. But, the silence which ensued in the delivery room was not a result of his beauty or of the secret that would remain hidden for some time, but of his arms and the hands he did not have. The silence was painful and what was not visible that first moment was the fact that the boy brought with him an ocean of love which his little heart could not keep inside for long. The ocean slowly began to overflow – because that was what he wanted, that was the purpose of his life – and his heart beat all until the ocean completely flowed over, healing pain and leaving behind it a clear message of wisdom and love.

An Angel in Disguise is a story about the life of a special child. It is the story about the growth of his parents, those closest to him and all those who had the fortune of coming into contact with him; it is an amazing story about their spiritual transformation and Eduard, their spiritual guide. Seen through the eyes of those who see, this is a story about a little angel who came into their lives and changed them forever. He taught them compassion, giving, truth, joy and most important of all – unconditional love.

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