Dolphin’s Dream

Amazing story about Chyarr, the enlightened dolphin, and his thinking about the world we share…
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What do you think, what do dolphins dream about?

Do they dream about the blue see and abundance of fish? Do they simply dream about playing with their fellow dolphins?

You are about to meet a special dolphin, Chyarr, whose dreams are much greater than these. He is travelling around our planet, but at the same time, he is travelling through the Dreamtime. He knows the threads of the future. Or, better to say, he knows the possibilities future can bring. He is an equal to superior spiritual beings who were here before us and those who are yet to come. He knows a lot. And he feels much more.

Chyarr has a message for us. This message is transmitted through a story you will read in one breath. And you will certainly want to do something about it.

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