Illusion and Karma

waterfall-animatedLike Escher’s waterfalls, karma and illusion pour their waters one into another. There is no beginning, no starting point. However, there can be an end.

Accidentally, that is exactly what sage Shankara of India, or his wise commentators latter, said about Maya: like any other god or goddess, she is not born – she has no beginning, and when you look in that direction, she is eternal and immortal. However, unlike true god or goddess (or, if you are uncomfortable with “divine terminology”, you can exchange that expression with something like “true natural law”), she can be destroyed; she can find her end. So, when you look in that direction, potentially, she is mortal.

Only potentially, because, just like Escher’s waterfalls, if no action is done, they can stand there forever, in the middle of nothingness, feeding itself with their own impossibility.


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