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Online Siminar „Labyrinths and their secrets“

  • Learn about 9 celestial labyrinths, their names and symbolism
  • Find out about their meanings, what they affect, encourage and eliminate
  • Learn how to draw and construct labyrinths
  • Download nine labyrinth posters
  • Enjoy especially designed labyrinth meditations for each of the nine celestial labyrinths

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  • Download the exctract from “Labyrinths and their secrets”
  • Learn about the difference between a maze and a labyrinth
  • Take the Quiz
  • Start the journey into the magical world of labyrinths with Patrick!


  • Learn about 9 celestial labyrinths
  • Take a look at the video „Celestial labyrinths“
  • Learn how to work with labyrinths
  • Overview of the next 11 steps


Explore the world of labyrinths

Labyrinths act together with human consciousness. They are geometrical patterns with the ability to enliven the seeds of inner knowledge directly in your consciousness. You can walk through them, but you can also use them in your home to harmonise yourself with their powerful energies. Feel the effects immediately through labyrinth meditations.


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