Life Bids More. Play the Call.

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  • Raise your head - the universe is much larger than the small patch of ground you are standing on.–Life Bids More

  • We are aware of just a tiny piece of reality. Everyone who even guesses how that piece is insignificant compared to the unknown must feel a overwhelming desire for knowledge.–Life Bids More

  • Spiritual fire – a never never-dying wish for freedom of the soul, serves as a fuel for your life journey into the miracle–Life Bids More

  • You will know that the world has changed when the demand for knowledge will be greater than the demand for money.–Life Bids More

  • There is always someone or something wiser than you nearby. Just stop, take a good look around and listen carefully.–Life Bids More

  • The dawn is coming only if you are awake. The beauty of the world around you is not accessible if you are asleep.–Life Bids More

  • Life is an adventure, while death is a reminder on your path. There is no end, just new beginnings.–Life Bids More

  • Choose a new perspective and you will get a different reality! Instead of a gloomy and ordinary one, why not choose a reality full of magic?–Life Bids More

  • What are you waiting for? Dust off your heart, put on your best smile and go! Fill up your Universe with joy!–Life Bids More


There is not one among us, humans, living at the beginning of the 21st century, who did not think about the challenges – and sometimes the horror – of our world. We are busy making a living for ourselves and our families, we want to have a good life and we certainly deserve it. But, are we going in the right direction?

If you are reading these words, chances are that you belong to the happier part of the human race. You are fortunate enough to have the means and the opportunities to possess appropriate electronic devices; you have enough free time to read, and on the top of that, you are consciously interested in the improvement of life. You are asking questions, and you want to find answers.

Does my life have a purpose? Will I be successful in creating happiness and affluence? Will WE be successful in creating a better future for our children? Is there any future for all of us and what can we expect from it?

Gloomy thoughts are not very helpful. Fear and worries even less. Still, you have to be honest and say it loudly: the overall situation does not look good. If we continue in the same way, the chances are more in favor of destruction and an increase in suffering.

The conclusion is an easy one to make: some things have to change. Given the situation, a lot of things, actually.

However, how is this different from the time before ours? People did not change much for the last couple of thousand years. Many wise men and women have been preaching about the need of a different approach to life. Do their words and lives amounts to nothing?

Certainly not. Evolution is a slow process. Also, we see in the nature that, sometimes, it has dead ends. But, we are still here. Thus – there is hope!

To push the changes that are inevitable, in the direction of our liking –this would be peace and prosperity for all living souls and inanimate nature – we have to employ new thoughts and ideas. Also, we have to reject some of the old ones. Small changes in our attitude can bring great results in our personal life, making us more successful and happier. As such, we will be more able to contribute to the changes on a larger scale.

This book is about new thoughts for transforming our lives. Some of them may seem familiar. Hopefully, you are already implementing them into your daily activities. Nevertheless, there is no harm in reminding yourself of how you actually want to live your life.

Still, I have to warn you, some of the new thoughts may be controversial and not widely accepted. I hope you will not find a lot of those (which means that you already think in the same direction), but if you do, I would be glad to discuss them with you on social media or my website.

There could be much more to say about each of the topics covered here, and I hope you will give me a chance to do so in my other books, workshops and online programs.

I am sure you understand – life bids more, and it is wise to play the call!

Patrick Adrian