Life Bids More. Play The Call.

free online siminar.


You will learn:

  • how to use the power of silence to tranform your life and make it richer
  • how to never forget that you are always in the present moment
  • how to live outside the patterns


What’s more in it?


  • videos and writen material
  • download affirmation posters
  • personal interaction with Patrick
  • complete free e-book LIfe Bids More


  • a super-effective technique of breathing
  • breathing rhytms of earth, water, fire and air
  • relax and refresh in only 5-6 minutes
  • audio instruction and detailed explanation


New paths for your further spiritual adventures

Life bids more, that is for sure. It offers much more than the majority of people are able to accept. Life also demands more. Usually, it seems that people have trouble whit fulfilling this demands. The sum result is that we receive less, and we give less.

But, life is so beautiful, so reach and fulfilling; we somehow manage to miss most of it.

Change that. Accept the abundant gifts of life.


Life Bids More.

Play the call.