Jyotish, indian astrology, with the taste of Ganesh, in the thriller like novel about Parashara and his disciple Maitreya.
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In ancient India, on the banks of the legendary Sarasvati River lived a great master and teacher called Parashara who devoted his life to researching jyotish, astrology of Vedic rishies. With the help of Ganesh, divine being with a human body and an elephant’s head, Parashara discovered the laws of time and human destinies. He predicted the tragedy of his own civilisation and in it anticipated signs of danger that mankind would be encountered with during the forthcoming millennia. In the desire to help, Ganesh and Parashara initiate a complex net of events that in an unusual way connect different historical periods. And everything began when Parashara sent his most distinctive student on a spiritual journey over the boundaries of time. His name was Maitreya.

Jyotish, astrology of ancient Vedic rishies and sages, hides within itself many secrets about the connection between man and the universe. In the novel Maitreya, Patrick Adrian, a jyotish student himself, uncovers the principles of this knowledge about time and its laws in a truly interesting and unusual way. Human destiny, free will, the spirituality of an individual, the future of mankind, and great world periods—all of these interesting subjects, along with many other details like stories about planets, constellations, how a jyotishi (astrologer) works, and the possibilities of jyotish alone, are introduced in this intense story that is read in one breath.

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