use jyotish, the ancient vedic wisdom, in making plans and decisions in accordance with natural rhytms


Within Personal Jyotish Calendar you will get:

  • simple manual with clear explanation how to use it
  • calendar with lunar days and the movements of the Moon (for one year)
  • personal evaluation of each day (and shorter periods within the day) according to your natal chart and place where you are living at the moment
  • tables explaninig the general auspiciousness of lunar days and nakshatras
  • we need your birth data (place, date and time of your birth), and the place (city) where you live now
  • you will receive your Peronal Jyotish Calendar with mail in PDF format



The price for Personal Jyotish Calendar (for a period of one year) is 48 Euro (55 US$). For those who already ordered Personal Jyotish Calendar previous years, the price is 33 Euro (38 US$). Please pay your order with PayPal, and than contact us by MAIL. For all additional infrmation, again, you can conntact us by mail.