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How does it work?

The participant who answers the question DOES NOT know the content of the question. This is how “intellectual censor” is eliminated – the part of us that wants to rationalize, systematize and know realitiy in an empirical way – leaving the space to intuition to come out as a first thought, feeling or picture.
The participant who answers the question is chosen RANDOMLY, one from all the members of the synchro.zone network. This is how synchronicity is ensured to happen – two events, a question and an answer, apparently causally unrelated are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner.

The more we join in, the bigger the synchro-ocean is
– the stronger the “signal” we have.


Practice intuition.

Use synchronicity.

  • How to ask question in Synchro.zone?

    The most important thing is that the question you are asking is clear to YOU. The person who answers your question will not know its content. Keep your question one pointed, which means when you ask, ask for one thing, not for many. Also, phrase your question as concrete as possible.

    Here is one example: you are in dilemma whether you should accept the new job or not. Your question might be: “If I accept this job (write concretely what it is), will I make more money (write concretely what you want) during next four years?” Or: “If I accept this job (write concretely what it is), will I be more happy and have more time?”

    As you see, the question depends on what you want. If you have a specific goal in mind, avoid general questions like: “Is it good for me to accept that job?”, because you may receive positive answer but “good” can prove to be somewhat different than you expected. Also, try to avoid questions in form of prediction, rather focus question around the action you should take in order to make the right choice or decision.

    Avoid questions like “Shell I get marred next year?” or “What will happen on my job?” or “How will my love affair end up?” Ask questions like “Is it good for me to sell my apartment by end of this year?” or “Would it be the right decision to end my relationship with (name a person) and start relationship with (name a person)?”

    As you can see, knowing precisely what you really want is almost half the answer and then the other half comes much easier from synchronicity.

    Before you write down your question, try to spend a few minutes in free contemplation about your situation. Do not try to find a solution, just think about different possibilities. Synchronicity is attracted by silence, clear mind and openness to different possibilities. After that, phrase your question as concretely as possible and write it down. In this way, the possibility of receiving the right synchronistic answer will be greater.

  • How to answer a question in Synchro.zone?

    When the request comes, it is the best to immediately take some time and write your first impressions. What is happening around you? What are you thinking about? What is the centre of your activities these days? Maybe you have read/saw/experienced something that seems important to you or has made a big impression on you?

    You can send a few sentences or write a longer answer (max. 1000 characters). Your message does not have to be wise or spiritual or anything like that. It is not necessary to feel that you are teaching or giving advice. Just write down your first impressions. Let the person receiving your message decide what is important and what is not. You simply and innocently write your own THOUGHTS.

    If you wish and have the skill, you may do an intuitive practice to find out what the question you are being asked could be.

  • How to interpret the answer?

    When you receive an answer some interpretation might be necessary. Sometimes the words from your answer are directly connected to the question. Sometimes the words may not be so clear. A few years of experience with “synchronicity work” showed that the responsibility for an unclear answer in most cases lies with an unclear question. So, before quitting, try to find hidden messages and meanings. The simplest thing you can do is to judge the mood of the message. Is your answer full of cheerful things or full of complaints? If the mood of the message is positive, the answer to your question may be interpreted as positive. If not, then it is generally a negative answer.

    Also, try to find a connection between parts of the answer and the question. For example, a person who asked a business question, involving different partners, received a story completely unconnected to business. However, further analysis showed that every character from the story can be connected with one of the business partners. There are many ways of making connections between your question and the answer. Use your imagination!

    Keep in mind that if you cannot find a clear answer, there is usually something wrong with the question. Rephrase the question differently and try again.

    The best place for discussion about the answers is the Public Page, where you can freely express any good experiences or any difficulties. Other synchro.zone members may have shared your experience and can help in the interpretation!