labyrinths as synchronistic support in everyday life
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The word labyrinth causes confusion on its own. As a form or a pattern, the labyrinth is at least four thousand years old and probably even much more. From the best-known Cretan labyrinth that was engraved in Cretan coins, over many labyrinths of Old Europe and also Americas and Asia, labyrinths are now spread throughout the world. They are built as ornaments, but more and more as means to turn to ourselves and discover the internal laws of consciousness. See the book “Labyrinths and their secrets”.

We now invite you to a new adventure with labyrinths: to use them as “synchronicity generators”!

This book contains detailed explanations of the meanings of each labyrinth with instructions for working with Synchrolab Techniques. Aside from the fact that they can be used as a great support and synchronistic adviser when making decisions, using Synchrolab Techniques stimulates the mind-body system to activate hidden intuitive and cognitive abilities.

Along with the e-book you will also get the Synchrolab software for free.

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