The Elimination of Karma Factor

free living outside the causality loops
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The heart of this book is the legendary state of awakening, liberation or enlightenment. If you have been searching for a long time, and have still not found the answers to the essential questions of life, breathe in deeply, for this is the book about the final step of spiritual journey; the book about breaking out from the prison made from causality loops. If you have just begun your journey, this book can save you a lot of time and energy by offering the view from the other side – the view from the place where you will, sooner or later, inevitably find yourself.

Read about:

  • what confinement insights are
  • the difference between freedom and the choice
  • the difference between the human condition, spiritual maturity and absolute freedom
  • karmic loops and their program codes
  • liberating experiences and how to achieve them
  • what maya is and how it works
  • what are the key questions
  • the discriminative power of the mind (viveka) and its role in the deconstruction of the illusion

Patrick Adrian will surprise you with clear descriptions of the abiding state of absolute freedom, the legendary moksha state. For those who are ready, he offers the unique and practical process of the deconstruction of the illusion. The process is not simple, nor is it for everyone. Who are the potential candidates for it?

Patrick writes: “There will come a time when you will feel the utmost tiredness from all the pretending, escaping, falling and rising. The strange shadow will cover your world, and no matter what you do, the most hurtful thoughts will beset you: “Not true. Not true. Not true.” When such a time comes, you will be ready. You will deconstruct the illusion, but not because you want to, but because you have to. At the onset of enlightenment, there will be no choice left. You will simply fall, and freedom will prevail.”

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