Worlds Splitting Apart

a spiritual view on parallel lives, multidimensional personal reality and global changes
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The book Worlds Splitting Apart talks about a time of changes which has already begun. The world as we know it will change. In other words, as this book explains, the worlds in which we live will change!

In order to understand how and on what levels this will occur, Worlds Splitting Apart will guide you through new concepts about the development of consciousness. To fully understand our situation, we will have to accept concepts such as parallel lives and multidimensional personal reality.

Have you ever contemplated the existence of parallel worlds where things, events and people are quite similar, but still different to ours? Have you ever sensed your own life within them? A sudden memory flashback or an image; an intense déjà vu feeling; dreams or insights? Millions of peple around the world encounter these phenomena daily without knowing where they originate from. In the course of time ahead of us, we will witness these experiences increasing and deepening on an individual level. There will be a pronounced polarisation of social relations on the outside and all this is “supported” by rare natural rythms of planetary proportions. We are on the threshold of the undesired phenomenon of “worlds splitting apart”.

The text itself claims that it belongs to different parallel realities – it appears in at least two of them in a slightly different form. Nevertheless, it succeeds in presenting an extremely complicated and, at the same time, intriguing problematics in a simple and understandable way, even to the one who is for the first time facing ideas on the edge of cognitive abilities of our mind.

The author of many spiritually-themes books, Patrick Adrian, this time takes you on a wondrous adventure that will change the way you perceive reality for good. The book also offers practical instructions on how to behave during the period of changes which has already begun and answers the most important question: What can we do about it?

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